It screwed, but I’ll doodle anyway

You see, John  Emmerling once said that :

“Even  if you can’t draw, do a little doodle or rip an illustration from a magazine –  these visuals will help bring your idea to life.”

Life is screwed, sometimes.

And so this is what I did.

– Click on a NEW page

– DOODLING it with whatever comes to you


– SHARE it with the beloved ones or even strangers

– Lastly, ENJOY it

I guess life is all about writing, doodling, coloring, & enjoying your every pages.

Screwed? Oh dear, who’s never?

I’ll just doodle anyway. The screws will then just be part of my pages.

We’ll never know what comes after and next. 🙂


xoxo ,M




There is no eternity

When weekend starts, one thing that will come up in mind is, resting.

Hate the thought somehow.

Hey, It’s weekend. You should enjoy what this town got for you, rite?

But I decided earlier, I’d stay at home for this weekend. Doing whatever, perhaps just lying on bed, watching movies and all.

And I didn’t regret it at all, because I had a very nice talk with one of my cousins today. 🙂


After long time no talk, finally I met her on skype.

“What’s new” was coming out as my first greeting to her. She asked me the same thing.

“What’s new?”

I was in silence for a while, thinking what is NEW from me. Then I answered, “Well, nothing’s new.” (this-is-not-good).

Then she told me what she got new.

Her 3 years and very kindhearted boss at work has just resigned. For her, this is such a catastrophe.

She’s the only Indonesian in the company, she has this getting-along-well chemistry with her boss.

Let’s say, it’s her comfort zone.

And yes, she said that she cried a river.

It’s not that she’s in love with her boss or anything, but who don’t feel pain when we are losing our comfort zone, rite?

Later she said that we can not rely on people, because people just come and go, only God stays. That is the TRUTH.

…and the only thing that ETERNAL is CHANGE.

Perhaps you’ve heard this somewhere : “Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.” –Arthur Schopenhauer

Nothing stays, because time flies by. Even if we feel that we don’t move, time will after all.

This talk has got me thinking so much about my life at the moment. When I’m starting to lost words for answering WHAT-IS-NEW, there  are two possibilities for these to happen :

1. I am currently stuck in my comfort zone, thus, no changes have been made. :p

2. I am just lost, looking for a way out, confused in choosing the pathway.


I believe that God has created us in some certain ways, whereas there is no other choice for us unless to change. Even our cells are degenerating as we’re getting older, our bones are developing, our hair are growing, our skin are changing.


Yes, there is no eternity.


So, what you guys got new?



Mia (who is hoping to always got the answer later) 🙂


Page 21 of 366 – Writing Love (Song)

Dear today,

I just found a beautiful song through a friend of mine. Sang by an Indonesian artist, Ubiet featuring Dian HP. As for the song, It’s called Writing love (menulis cinta). Later I found out that this song is actually a poetry music-alization.

No wonder how It has such a beautiful lyrics.

What do you think?

My first time hearing it, all I can feel is LOVE.

This song is just LOVE.

Love mode,



Best of 2011

Here we go again. December has finally come to its end, meaning I shall welcome the year of 2012!

To tell you the truth, I used to have those annual “Resolutions” back then. Now I’m totally over it. I prefer to list my “Best of…” instead. I mean, I know listing your resolution of the year is great tho, but now I’m more like a “present” person. Better for me to serve what  I’m doing or seeing at the moment (or what I’ve done or seen) on the table, instead of serving what I wish to do or see.

I’ll keep my wish for myself, in my prayer. (No oow, don’t call me a loner. I am not! :p)

Again, talking about the upcoming 2012, It got me thinking back about these past 365 days, 48 weeks, 12 months during 2011. You know, things like college life, great songs, movies, inspiring people, friends, parents, vacation, events, love-life, etc.

After all, it is LIFE. Quoted from one of my fave movie ever- Forrest Gump :

“Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

And of course, you know how chocolate bars taste like. It could be bitter or sweet.

So is LIFE. So is my life in 2011.

There were the expected and the unexpected. Some were bitter, some were sweet.

I’m gonna ramble about my best of 2011, just for fun. Here we go…

1# Spell it with love: P-A-R-E-N-T-S

They will be on my list FOREVER.

Whenever, wherever, whatever…

They are my best of the best things. They are my backbone, my long-life  supporters. Never even once they look down on me, doubting me. They always know I’ll be just fine. Thus, every time I see them, I always feel that there’s HOPE.  They give me strength, and HOPE. I’m just so happy and grateful that they are still around till now. Priceless!!!

All the love in the world

2# Graduation

I do hate and love this thing. Loving it because something has finally come to an end. New chapter is ready to begin. Hating it because it means “leaving” something behind. Apparently I enjoyed my college life, loved my mates, loved some subjects  at class,  etc. BUT, I personally think that graduation is an achievement, recognition, time to grow, initial door to another path.

Graduation is an end for the past yet the start of something anew.

Anw, congratulation to me!! I’m finally a pharmacist. Proud. 🙂

3# Wangsa Jelita

Though I’m still not doing much to help my friend, Nadya (and the team) growing up their baby, “The beautiful dinasty – Wangsa Jelita“, I’m just still happy to be a little part of it (and feel sorry at the same time, for not helping much). You guys should really watch how this baby will grow wholeheartedly, It is a great social enterprise with great vision and mission. I really wish my friends there (Wangsa Jelita) will do well.

4# Apoteker Bercerita

One of the best things in my life. Ever. Having chances to meet such great people like them is really a pleasure for me. They are very kind, smart, talented, such good writers, fun friends. Aah, I just love them. I might not be a good story teller and all, but I enjoy writing so much. I am happy because through writing, I am able to learn so many things.

Check us out, we’ve been writing quite many. Seriously, many of them are really really good at writing. 🙂


5# [Song] Adele – Someone like you

Epic. This song is just way too epic in my opinion.

Actually, I was kinda bored with current trend songs around. I mean, I enjoyed listen to Owl city, Maroon, Gaga, Bieber, Rihanna, indie music, etc. But the truth is, It won’t last long. In a month or so, I’ll get over them just like that. One of many reasons why my love for oldies song is huge… is that most of them are lyrically poetic, musically great in harmony. The music is just beautiful as it is, pure, not overdone, the voice won’t barely heard.

This song from Adele, didn’t really catch my ears at first. But my second, third, fourth, … hundred times listening to this, I’M IN LOVE. I am still is. I know I’m gonna love the song not only for a month, a year. It will be long. I just know. Amazing voice, great melody, the piano, aaaah. Though the lyrics are just ordinary, nothing special. But still, it’s nice.

“Never mind I’ll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best for you…”

At least, this song, these words will be one of the top choices for the heartbroken ones to get a soundtrack for life. 😀


7# [Movie] One Day

You shall know upfront, I can count with my fingers for how much 2011 movies I’ve watched. 😀

So said, my personal off favorite movie might be your 20th rank or so.

Reasons to be my fave? Let me tell you.

It’s JIM STURGESS, the cinematography (It’s BEAUTIFUL), its unique plot. As for teh story, I love seeing the two of them growing up together. I guess, this movie is about two people who are growing up together, how they personally improved, supporting each other, BUT… it takes them 20 years to realize that they belong to each other. I mean.. really??

Fact is, this movie is based on novel. Some say that the novel is way better (Surely you can’t compare movie with novel).

For those who want to enjoy a movie that serve a -like no other- love story, unique plot, scenic cinematography, the delicate man Jim Sturgess, and all. You might want to watch this. 🙂

THOUGH, this one might not my all time fave (mine are still before sunrise, before sunset, 500 days of summer, Juno, and once), It’s still worth the watch.

8#  “I’m officially an office worker

Hi there, working hours, workdays, new colleagues.

Yes, I finally got a job. Working in such a big company is my dream… once. Moreover, willing to be able to work in a healthy food company is what I’ve babbled everywhere. So I’m happy for now. At least I believe I can learn many from here. I guess It will be hard for me to learn how to build a professional attitude in me, unless I learn from the professionals. Agreed? 😀

Professional attitude. YES. THIS.

Workdays, weekdays, office hours, WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!

I’m so excited to welcome the year of 2012.

Wondering what will come and go around in the future. Enjoying the present with so much love and positive attitude. Learning from the past years and days.
As quoted from ONE DAY movie:

“Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today.”

It goes the same with our past.

“Whatever HAPPENED in the past, we HAVE today.”

In brief: Experiencing from yesterday, Embrace today, Be prepared for tomorrow.





Apoteker bercerita, Humming

“It’s been a great year”

Oh my.. Where have I been these past 5 months? It’s been a while, my dear wordpress. *sigh*

I think I’m being so not productive these days. Not sure whether I’m still hibernating from those tiring two months of examination, or I’m just still in grief for not having my smart phone around anymore (call it lame excuses, I know).

Anyway, I remember I posted something about me taking this apothecary professional program last year (titled : take it or leave it #apothecary). Now, I have finally graduated!! YEAY.

As I recall my days or even months before I decided to take the program, there were many “NOs” about this. I remember saying that this was not the thing I like, but it’s more of the thing that I need. Plus, I don’t like the subjects.

Truth be told…

I came to LOVE what I’ve learned. I came to enjoy the subjects, and everything (except me being the oldest, the senior,  ew). As for the subjects, the school has changed the curriculum (we’re in the first trial), which is a delighted thing for me. At first I was also worried whether I could get along with the other classmates or not. Since I’m like an outsider there. Then again, God is great. I’ve met so many wonderful friends here. Together with my eleven classmates, we even built our blog community, which is related to Apothecary world >> http://apotekerbercerita.wordpress.com (such a dream comes true).

It started with a little love (and too much hatred) in the beginning, but I end up loving it more than I expected I will, receiving so much love I didn’t expect either. From now on, I will treasure the presence even more. Worrying about what the future will bring is good, but over worrying it is also unfair. We’ll never know what we’re gonna get later, after all.

Without a doubt of regret, I am happy to say “It’s been a great year”.

Love Love,




Eat, Pray, Love quotes 1#

Eat Pray Love

One of my fave woman’s books. A story of one’s search for something. LOVE IT.


“I have a history of making decisions very quickly about men. I have always fallen in love fast and without measuring risks. I have a tendency not only to see the best in everyone, but to assume that everyone is emotionally capable of reaching his highest potential. I have fallen in love more times than I care to count with the highest potential of a man, rather than with the man himself, and I have hung on to the relationship for a long time (sometimes far too long) waiting for the man to ascend to his own greatness. Many times in romance I have been a victim of my own optimism.”
— Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)

Photo Essay

Kein Mensch ist illegal

Kein Mensch ist illegal – No man is illegal

Took this in 2009. I found it interesting.

Illegal citizen thing has been quite an issue in the country, I suppose.

Can’t imagine what would the world be, if  ‘there is no man considered as illegal’.

“But as for God, we all are the same. Kein Mensch ist illegal.”

May 2011, Mia.